Frequently asked questions

SmartVVB must be installed by an approved electrician. Installation takes 1-2 hours.

SmartVVB retrieves hourly prices from NordPool and automatically schedules when the water heater should start for the next 24 hours.
It has a sensor that monitors the water temperature to ensure it is always high enough to prevent the risk of legionella, and to ensure you have hot water ready for use.

You can set the desired mode:
Always off: Water heater is off. The water heater temperature falls below 60°C.
Away: SmartVVB guarantees only a temperature above 15°C and does not start the water heater according to the electricity price.
Economy: SmartVVB guarantees a temperature around 60°C and starts the water heater according to the electricity price for 6-10 hours.
Standard: SmartVVB guarantees a temperature above 60°C and starts the water heater according to the electricity price for 7-11 hours.
Comfort: SmartVVB guarantees a temperature above 60°C and starts the water heater according to the electricity price for 8-12 hours.
Automatic: SmartVVB guarantees a temperature above 60°C and automatically regulates the water heater for the number of hours depending on the previous 24 hours.
All the time: VVB is always active and is not controlled by SmartVVB according to the price, only the thermostat will control VVB.

The device must be connected to WiFi (2.4Ghz), so it is important to check the coverage where the heater is located before ordering.

Yes, SmartVVB has its own API. At your account, you can retrieve your token and access the API documentation.

Check the WiFi signal where the water heater is located. The unit must be mounted on the included wall bracket. The wall surface should be dry, and the surface temperature must not exceed 40°C

No, it has a sensor that ensures the water temperature is always high enough to prevent the risk of legionella.

It is suitable for most water heaters up to 3500W and works regardless of the age of the heater.

Yes, but profitability depends on future prices. With this year's prices and price variations, the investment will be profitable much faster than other investments like solar panels, at a much lower cost. SmartVVB is a particularly good investment for leisure homes. When the cabin is not in use, you put the water heater in 'away mode' and keep the water at a frost-free temperature. The day before going to the cabin, you switch it to automatic mode so that the water is hot and legionella-safe when you arrive.

The product is type-approved by Nemko (Norwegian conformity certification), meaning it has undergone extensive testing to ensure it is safe to install and use.

Yes, SmartVVB is a standalone unit that works completely independently of electricity supplier, and you're not committed to any agreement. SmartVVB works in all European countries.

If you're going to be away for an extended period (over a week), it's profitable to put the water heater in 'away mode.' At a temperature of 70-75 degrees Celsius, the water heater continuously loses a lot of heat, much more than at 15 degrees Celsius. To heat up 200 liters of water with a standard water heater requires approximately 14 kWh per day.

SmartVVB can be used with all water heaters. A smart water heater costs between 1000€ et 2000€

You need to check with the legislation in your country. Some countries offer significant support for the installation of intelligent systems that help save electricity.

In the case of loss of WiFi or internet connectivity, SmartVVB will continue to gather data and operate according to the last transmitted electricity prices or until connectivity is restored. SmartVVB memorizes the last 48 hours. In the event of a power outage, SmartVVB won't work but will continue to operate according to the last transmitted electricity prices when power comes back. SmartVVB remembers the time regardless of the internet connection.

The day-ahead electricity price is sent everyday around 1pm. If SmartVVB don't have the price after loss of connectivity will SmartVVB be always ON to ensure that you don't have cold water. (Except for Off and Away mode)

You can use SmartVVB with a combi boiler, but the calculated number of usage volumes may not be accurate. You cannot use SmartVVB with a heat pump water heater or three-phase water heater.


Our API is integrated with SWAGGER. You get the following data:
  • Check devices status (Connection, mode, serial number...)
  • Read devices instant data (Power, temperature...)
  • Read day, month or year data (Energy, liters, cost...)
Or you can send the following commands:
  • Set mode (Off, away, auto...)
  • Force device off or on for 2 hours
  • Set options (Setpoint, volume...)
Check Swagger documentation and test all functions. All commands needs a token. API token is available in the user account (Expert user interface)

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