Make your water heater smart!

Save money on smart water heating. SmartVVB is easy to use and fits most types of water heater regardless of brand or age.

SmartVVB moves heating to the most affordable hours and reduces the electricity bill.

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This is how SmartVVB works

Side view of the SmartVVB

Electricity price

SmartVVB retrieves hourly prices and automatically plans when the water heater will start in the next 24 hours.

SmartVVB works everywhere in Europe.


Health and comfort

It has a sensor that ensures that the temperature of the water is always high enough to prevent the risk of legionella, and ensure that you have hot water ready for use.

SmartVVB measures water temperature and electricity consumption, so that you can follow the calculated consumption of hot water and daily cost savings.


Installation and safety

SmartVVB will require installation by an electrician, and will then use the cheapest hours without you having to do anything.

The product is tested by Nemko, which means it has undergone extensive testing to ensure it is safe to install and use.

How much money can you save with your smart water heater?

Simulate how you much you are going to save per year and what's the payback time.

Easy user interface

Adjust different modus to adapt to your needs.

SmartVVB measures and calculates automatically available water volume, cost savings and temperature.

Reduce your electricity bill

SmartVVB gets electricity price and automatically chooses the right time to heat the water


When we use hot water it is often when everyone is using water and often when electricity is the most expensive. SmartVVB shifts the heating to the best time and cut the costs of hot water by approximately 30 per cent.


With a daily saving of €0.4 on average, the overall annual bill is reduced by a minimum of €150 per year. The saving is even more important for a second home since the water heater can be put in Away mode.

Why SmartVVB?

“Water heating is independent of the price of electricity. End users heat water when it is most expensive. We must develop renewable energies as much as possible but production is not constant, hence a large variation in electricity prices. SmartVVB is the ideal product to reduce electricity bills and contribute to the development of renewable energies.”
Luc Wathelet Luc Wathelet, CEO Wattlet AS

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Skåppå helps entrepreneurs and established companies in the development of the company, and assists with project management in larger development projects. Skåppå's vision is «The smart, green valley» and based on the UN's sustainability goals, we work for a future-oriented and strong business life in the whole of Gudbrandsdalen.

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